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Websale Data Security System™

Websale Data Security System™

The WEBSALE Data Security System™ enables customer and order data to be completely encrypted from the purchaser to the distributor. The common practice of openly sending customer data by e-mail from the shop server to the distributor and the unencrypted saving of order data on the shop server has therefore been completely replaced by a secure, practical system.
This allows customer data to be fully encrypted from the customer to the distributor.

PCI certification

Our shop is PCI certified. PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is an internationally recognized safety test method used for the optimization of security for credit card, debit card and store card transactions to protect the cardholder from the misuse of personal data. The PCI certification guarantees that the shop adheres to the strict requirements set by credit card organizations (VISA and Mastercard) by way of verification processes, documentation and safety requirements.

SSL encryption

Orders are processed from the customer to the shop server by way of powerful SSL encryption.

Triple DES encryption

Orders are saved by way of Triple DES encryption on the shop server. This makes the information inaccessible to unauthorized people.

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