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Optimal tolerance

Natural nutritional supplements without side-effects

Our supplements are 100 % natural. All of the amino acids and nutrients that are used in our products are also ingested through food. Furthermore, the body can produce many of these substances itself. Owing to the fact that we do not use any chemical, synthetic or genetically modified ingredients, any potential interactions or side effects can virtually be ruled out.

JUVEL-5 is a complementary supplement containing essential amino acids. Amino acids are an integral part of a healthy diet and they have a positive impact on the metabolism. Our products ensure that, in the case of nutritional deficiency, the body’s requirements are met. In contrast to many medications, JUVEL-5 is not toxic. JUVEL-5 is a 100 % natural foodstuff supplement.

The risk of allergic reaction can be associated with consuming any food. The same applies to our products and we are unable to fully eliminate this risk. Therefore, if you suffer from any allergies, be sure to check the product ingredients before consumption to avoid any minor complications.

If you notice increased bowel movements or the need to urinate while taking our nutritional supplements, this is perfectly normal. It is merely a positive indication of enhanced metabolic activity and shows that the amino acids are taking effect.

If your muscles or limbs ache somewhat, there is also no cause for concern. These minor aches are called ‘regeneration pains’ and are actually a positive sign that the amino acids are contributing to rebuilding tissue damaged through the ageing process or injuries.

Taking these three points into consideration will ensure that you are at ease when taking JUVEL-5. Our employees are fully dedicated to JUVEL-5 and its positive impact on the health of our customers. This is why many doctors, pharmacies and homeopathic practitioners are confident that our products are safe and effective.

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