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Building blocks of life

The power of amino acids

Amino acids are extremely important for the human body. They are an element of healthy nutrition and have a positive impact on your metabolism.

The body produces some amino acids by itself, while others it cannot. These must be ingested as part of our diets.

All the protein in the human body is made up of amino acids. Amino acids have the following effects on our bodily functions:

  • they strengthen muscles, tendons, skin and connective tissues
  • they regulate metabolism
  • they transport and store nutrients
  • they convey information
  • they transport oxygen in the blood
  • they help fight off diseases

Our need for amino acids increases as we get older. Plus, stress, exhaustion and illness can lead to a drop in amino acid levels. When this happens, essential proteins or hormones can’t be produced in the required amounts. This often results in a weakened immune system, a loss of strength, problems concentrating and other bodily complaints.

This is why it’s important, in such cases, to support our bodies with amino acid supplements. They promote vitality and increase our long term well-being.

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