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How JUVEL-5 works

Amino acids have an immediate effect as soon as they are ingested and, with most of them, we don’t feel them working at first. Yet, with medium to long term use, our sense of well-being is sustainably increased.

Within our bodies, each individual amino acid bonds with others to form chains. Proteins with different characteristics and functions are then created depending on how they link together to form these chains. Three amino acid pairs arranged together always represent a specific code that predefines the construction and size of the structure. This is how amino acids create, for example, enzymes or hormones.

Due to these many functions, the individual JUVEL-5 products are produced using different amino acids depending on their intended uses. If we take arginine, the most nitrogenous amino acid as it contains four nitrogen groups, as an example, it creates nitrogen monoxide (NO) in the body. NO enables muscle cells in the vascular walls to relax, meaning arginine can expand the blood vessels and improve your circulation. This is particularly useful for those suffering from diabetes, impotency problems and many more complaints.

In addition, all our products contain vitamins and minerals, which assist the transportation of amino acids within the human body. They also have many more useful functions. We need the B vitamins, for example, for producing red blood cells and for important vital functions such as cell development and cell division. Zinc, magnesium and vitamins B and C can also offer natural protection from free radicals that can damage our cells.

Our focus lies in achieving the best effects possible, shown in the way we manufacture our products and the manner in which the amino acids are dosed with the vitamin B complex. Try our products yourself to supplement your nutrition and support your health and well-being naturally.

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