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Our intake recommendation

How should I take JUVEL-5?

Take 2 x 2 capsules with plenty of liquid. We recommend at least 200 ml (almost half a pint) of still water.

There are two periods of the day where consumption is particularly beneficial. We recommend taking the capsules before going to bed as the major regeneration and growth processes in the body occur during the night, thus enabling the amino acids to take full effect.

We also recommend taking the capsules in the morning after getting up i.e. before breakfast, as amino acids are absorbed much more efficiently on an empty stomach.

In addition, we suggest that you always take JUVEL-5 at least one hour before or after any meal containing protein. Taking the capsules with other proteins would automatically reduce their impact.

Following these simple intake guidelines will ensure that our products work in the intended manner so that you receive the maximum benefit from them.

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