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Our mission statement

Tradition and passion for JUVEL-5

We at Aminova are extremely proud of our JUVEL-5 product. Over 15 years ago, we were the first in Germany to specialise in the use of amino acids and we remain faithful to this amazing concept …

The building blocks of life

The power of amino acids

Amino acids are extremely important for the human body. They are an element of healthy nutrition and have a positive impact on your metabolism. The body produces some amino acids by itself, while others it cannot. …

The optimal dose for your health

How JUVEL-5 works

Amino acids have an immediate effect as soon as they are ingested and, with most of them, we don?t feel them working at first. Yet, with medium to long term use, our sense of well-being is sustainably increased …

Valual amino acids with a range of applications

Find the best product for you

A lack of amino acids can lead to various problems within the body. We at JUVEL-5 have developed a variety of different formulas so that you can choose the most appropriate amino acid mix for your needs. Discover our diverse range of natural amino acid products, all with different applications …

Our intake recommendation

How should I take JUVEL-5?

Take 2 x 2 capsules with plenty of liquid. We recommend at least 200 ml (almost half a pint) of still water. There are two periods of the day where consumption is particularly beneficial. We recommend taking the capsules before going to bed as the major regeneration and growth processes in the body occur during the night, thus enabling the amino acids to take full effect …

Optimal tolerance

Natural nutritional supplements without side-effects

Our supplements are 100 % natural. All of the amino acids and nutrients that are used in our products are also ingested through food. Furthermore, the body can produce many of these substances itself. Owing to the fact that we do not use any chemical, synthetic or genetically modified ingredients, any potential interactions or side effects can virtually be ruled out …

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