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8 facts about JUVEL-5

Exceptional quality for your health

At JUVEL-5, outstanding quality is our top priority. We attach great importance to ensuring that our products are manufactured according to the latest scientific methods and work closely with amino acid researchers and experts. It is therefore hardly surprising that our products have consistently favoured so highly in amino acid product tests.

Made in Germany

We manufacture our products exclusively in Germany and the entire production process is subject to the most stringent inspections. We therefore guarantee compliance with the highest quality assurance standards.

100 % natural, plant-based ingredients

Nearly all amino acid products on the market are full of synthetic substances. By comparison, JUVEL-5 is not toxic and contains only natural, plant-based ingredients. Their impact is considerably better: plant-based amino acids are well tolerated by the body and are easier to digest than animal proteins.

No gelatine

The outer shells of all JUVEL-5 products are made of gelatine-free cellulose. In contrast to the generally widely used, and less expensive gelatine, cellulose is derived from plants alone. This means that JUVEL-5 is a suitable dietary supplement for vegetarians and vegans.

Only healthy L-amino acids

Chemical amino acid synthesis produces a mixture of D and L-forms, yet D-amino acids are potentially harmful to the body.

At JUVEL-5, we only use L-amino acids as this is the only form that assumes a significant role in the body. Furthermore, this form is characterised by a high level of usability.

No genetic engineering

We do not use genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In genetic engineering, the genetic material of a plant is modified in a way that is not possible by natural methods. This does not correspond with our high quality standards.

Best L-carnitine: highest seal of quality

At JUVEL-5, we only use high-quality L-carnitine manufactured by the company CARNIPURE™ for our products. In contrast, the majority of other dietary supplement suppliers use cheap, low-grade carnitine from Asia. What’s special about CARNIPURE™? Its amino acids are manufactured using a unique patented process.

Only valuable amino acids

The amino acids L-ornithine, L-arginine, L-methionine, L-cysteine, L-glutamine, L-taurine and L-carnitine are all essential for the metabolism. These valuable amino acids are the only ones used in our compositions which is why, when combined with important nutrients such as the B vitamins, our products are so effective.

Certified and recommended

Our product range is registered with the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) in Germany. The new, more stringent nutritional supplement guidelines have put a strain on many suppliers. At JUVEL-5, we maintain the highest quality. Our range complies with all of the requirements and is, naturally, a marketable dietary supplement.

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