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Our mission statement

Tradition and passion for JUVEL-5

We at Aminova are extremely proud of our JUVEL-5 product. Over 15 years ago, we were the first in Germany to specialise in the use of amino acids and we remain faithful to this amazing concept – our employees focus their work on JUVEL-5 and its beneficial effects on the health of our customers. We value the fact that our JUVEL-5 products are manufactured according to the most up to date scientific knowledge and to the best quality standards. This is why we collaborate closely with researchers and experts who work with amino acids. It’s no wonder that JUVEL-5 has seen success in many countries across Europe – in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy and the UK to name but a few.

Nature’s gift to your health

Nature provides us with nutrients, so we have to use them! Meeting our body’s requirement for normal nutrition isn’t as easy as you might think. Stress and the strain of daily life affect our metabolism and, as we age, our cell regeneration, and regeneration overall, slows down.

This is where amino acids can help. As a protein element, they are the basis for healthy nutrition and have beneficial effects on metabolism, helping to increase your well-being in the long run. We have combined them with essential vitamins and, in doing so, have developed a range of products with many different applications. All are completely natural and have no side effects! JUVEL-5 isn’t medicine, it’s a purely nutritional supplement.

Excellent quality – manufactured in Germany.

JUVEL-5 products are made to a special formula using only the highest quality ingredients. Only the highest of standards is enough for our customers.

Many chemists, doctors and non-medical practitioners also rely on the fact that our products are safe and effective. We exclusively manufacture in Germany and do so under the strictest scrutiny. It’s no wonder, then, that we have been named the winner multiple times in trials alongside 70 competitors. This distinction and the trust our customers have had in us for over 15 years now gives us new impetus every day.

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