Juvel-5®: A nutritional supplement with amino acids, vitamins and minerals

5 Reasons to choose Juvel-5®:

  • Made in Germany from the very beginning, without exception
  • The highest quality at a fair price
  • Premium quality raw materials, no bulking agents, sweeteners, gelatine or artificial colourings
  • No side-effects: all of our products have been classified as freely marketable nutritional supplements
  • Juvel-5® was chosen as Germany’s best amino acid product1).

We were the first in Germany to have specialised in the diversified field of use of amino acids and we continue to set the standard in this area.

Choose a product from the left hand side or find out about the fields of application for which product composition bests suits you.

Juvel-5 3 month pack

1) Source: www.aminosaeuren.de; which regularly tests the 70 most important providers of nutritional supplements containing amino acids. The Juvel-5® brand has come out on top again.

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